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285X285 PURPLE

285x285 Conditioner

285X285 BLUE


Your product is GREAT!!! I recommend it to any woman who wants her hair to smell wonderful and to keep it light. You blessed me with your story of naming your product line after your mother.  I know God is going to take you places you could not imagine.  Be well and congratulations on honoring your mother and walking in your purpose.

“My hair was breaking and I had a bald spot in the back, top of my head. Then my hairdresser started using Stella products and I saw immediate improvements with the shine. Then within weeks, my hair started growing back and looked healthy again. Recently one of my co-workers noticed how my hair had grown back and complimented on how great my hair now looks. Thanks Stella!”

I LOOOOOOOOVE Stella Shampoos and condiioners. I use Stella’s on my natural hair and all 3 of my girls natural hair. These are great products. I along with my oldest daughter used to get our hair relaxed and Stella’s was still the Best!!!!!!!!! Whether natural or relaxed Stella products are the best for our hair. Leaves our hair EASIER to comb after washing and soft. I happend to run out of Stella S&C and i used a different product, I could really tell the difference…tangled rug hair,lol. Your products make my job as a mom w/3 girls a whole lot easier. our hair is healthy & LOOKS great!! P.S. I love the oil sheen spray, didn’t know you had a leave in I’m gonna get it now! Thanks. Stella Shampoos and Conditioner Clients Fo’ Life… Channae, Channael, Jannae and Makaela:)


Stella Shampoos and Conditioners are made with some of the Finest Ingredients to Strengthen, Heal, and Protect the Hair. Keratin & Silk Proteins, Olive Oil, Shea Butter and more are combined to produce a Weightless Conditioning System. The System is Rich in Moisturizing Agents and other Premium Ingredients to leave the hair soft with a deep shine!